The place where music fans discover and support independent music.


It’s time to put and end to the monopoly of big record companies. We live in the time of social media, streaming services and global connectivity. These online developments give musicians and their fans a chance to fight back by creating new methods rather than obeying the traditional business model.

This is what Hoobz does. It offers a fair and competitive environment in which independent record labels and artists increase their exposure and where people support their favorite artists or simply discover great new music.

Discover music.
The fun way.


Hoobz lets users discover exciting and independent music in a fun way. You will soon find yourself scrolling through seemingly endless content using our innovative and intuitive interface. Besides, the artists get a chance to share and sell their music independently.
It’s a win-win situation!


Experience music together.


Collect and share your musical discoveries with friends on your Hoobz profile. That way, everybody contributes to our community and together we set a new and fair standard for music consumption.

The freedom to sell and support.


The Hoobz music store is beautifully integrated into each artist’s profile and is a great tool for fans to buy music directly from the artist. All tracks and albums are initially set at a fixed price. If you wish to show an even greater appreciation, you can opt to pay more.


Some of the music you can discover.

  • Asleep On The Bus

  • Lucky (Stint Remix)
    Said The Whale

  • Ritual

  • I Can't Keep Up

  • Can't Do Without You

  • Give You Love

  • Alive
    Mo Micz

  • Fire Exits
    The Citrus Clouds

  • Eléctrica Dança

  • People


A paradigm shift rarely occurs overnight, and Hoobz is no exception to this. We have chosen to assemble a team of young, inspired people that –despite their education in fields such as business, design, finance, and communication- have not yet been molded by industry standards so that we can obtain a truly unique vision and subsequent execution.

The platform is currently in its first test phase, which is to last until February 2015. After this, Hoobz will enter the Beta test phase during which a select group of fans and artists can start exploring. At this time the platform will be fully functional but people need an invitation to join. By September 2015 Hoobz will be officially launched and thus be open to everybody.

If you want to be included in the Beta test phase and be a part of this community from early on, you can sign up now and we will send you an email with details for registration once we start inviting users/Beta testers.

Until then,

Yours in music,

The Hoobz team